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could be about other possible attacks on the united states. and i really believe the president and attorney general holder really should rethink this. they should really rething this rigid commitment to the criminal justice system. after all, this guy came from outside the country. what he was planning was an attack on america. this is a war-like act. he should not be treated like a domestic criminal. >> larry: can you treat someone as a military combatant and then later try them criminally? >> you can do anything you want. the justice department could move him around in all different ways. the reality is in this particular case, he should have been treated as an enemy combatant. after all, the president and the attorney general have authorized military tribunals. now, if you are going to have military tribunals and you're going to try some people in a military tribunal, somebody who comes to the united states with a bomb to blow up an airplane in one of our cities should be treated as a war time criminal, not like a domestic criminal. and that may be an academic dispute for so
now from port-au-prince is giles colbert charleston. he moved from port-au-prince to the united states last july. what took you from this country to that country, giles? >> i decided to move to haiti because i think it was the right time to get involved into helping and providing my contribution to renewal, transformation of the country. i lived in the states for over 20 years now. i think it was the right opportunity, the right time. there were a lot of things going on that seemed right for me and the involvement to make a difference. i think as a haitian-american, i live abroad. i think it's important that we take seriously the opportunity that we need to come back home and give our share to help the country and provide our assistance to help it move forward. >> larry: what do you do there? >> i presently work for a micro financial institution. i'm the chief information officer. >> larry: can you say after the events of the last two days you're glad you went back? >> that's a very interesting question. i think someone else actually -- one of our sponsors from the states actually aske
aadopt tees finding their way to loving parents and new homes in the united states. storying of survival. an american pulled from the rubble days after the quake. how did he survive? plus musical superstars mary j. blige and andrea bocelli and what they are doing to help haiti's victims. it is all next on "larry king live. >> larry: thanks for joining us. it has been more than two weeks since the devastating earthquake in haiti. some are not getting beasks, a roof over their heads, medical assistance for the almost 200,000 injured still heart to come by. joining us dr. sanjay gupta, cnn chief medical correspondent and a practices neurosurgeon. what is the latest on the medical situation, sanjay? in the early days you painted a desperate scene. what is it like now? >> i think in many ways it has gotten better. a couple of things have improved. surgerying on the grount. in this tent, people who have had amputations, in tents like this hospital. still short of doctors and nurses. it is a lot better than it was a few days ago and even better a few days from now. >> larry: heather mills is an
was amputated below the knee after she was evacuated to the united states. she's at jackson memorial hospital in miami. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> now you're obviously grateful. you have access to major medical care. how long before you'll get a prosthetic? >> it will still be a couple weeks for me. last friday the surgeons were finally able to close up the wound on my leg. so now the skin needs to heal, and the swelling needs to go down and then i can fitted for a pros r prosthetic. >> did you see what heather just showed us? >> no, i wasn't. >> larry: okay. well, it looked pretty simple. heather, what advice would you have for christa? >> she looks quite positive. i can see in her face that she's gone through a very difficult time, but i'm sure she's got a lot of love and support of her family and friends around her. the most important thing is to take care of your health and get the best kind of prosthetic that you can in america. the most important thing is not cosmetic immediately because you're residual limb will shrink as time goes on, as i'm sure you've been told. i hav
's waits in the united states and do so within a year, because there are many children that are basically orphaned, if you would say, in the united states that are waiting for homes too. but haiti, we don't know when they're going to open up again. it's undisclosed and it could be years, but she can start -- >> larry: so it's easier to adopt a black american child than a hatian child. >> exactly. and it's actually less expensive and the children are waiting. >> larry: less expensive request . >> yes, because you're not traveling. >> larry: before the quake, was it easier? >> it was. but unless you had your paperwork going, you cannot adopt. >> larry: t-boz, anything you want to ask marty? >> actually, what she said is what i've been hearing, and that's why i answered the question that way. like, if it's still possible. because every time i call someone, they say that it's been shut down, you can't do so. and then they offer, you know, ooet yoethiopian children or an ethnic type of kids. and i just thought, you know, that i would be able to help someone who was in need right now, because o
. some of them got trained here in the united states. so you don't declare war against these countries and say that we have to go in and start bombing pakistan and bombing afghanistan and bombing yemen. they happen to be there. that's true. but they're there because we stimulate them. we follow them to the hands of osama bin laden by us going there and causing people to get some angry, it helps his recruiting efforts. he's written about this. he has said this. he says i want the americans to go over here and bankrupt their country and besides, it will help myr recruiting efforts. >> larry: tomorrow night mike he kel chertoff will be with us. will it shift attention away from health care he reform and other issues? we'll talk about that after the break. than a comparable honda civic. this chevy traverse has better mileage than honda pilot. the all-new chevy equinox has better mileage than honda cr-v. and chevy malibu has better mileage than accord. however, honda does make something that we just can't compete with. it's self propelled. chevy. compare us to anyone and may the best car wi
the president of trying to pretend the united states is not at war with terrorists. deputy national security adviser john brennan countered cheney's comments during a series of sunday talk shows. watch. >> either the vice president is willfully mischaracterizing this president's position in terms of language he uses and actions he's taken or he's ignorant of the facts. in neither case, it doesn't speak well of what the vice president is doing. the clear evidence is this president has been very, very strong. in his inaugural address he said we're at war with this internal group of terrorists. >> larry: congressman paul, what about about it? he's in your party. what about dick cheney's complaints? >> well, i think he had his eight years, and he's caused a lot of trouble for our country and perpetuated a war in iraq unnecessary and wrong-headed. i would say it would be best he not be so critical right now. but i'm still not only critical of that policy, i think the policy remains the same, and we've hear it on the show tonight already. they are on attack and declared war against us, and it's al
so all the orphans who don't have adoptive homes can be sent to the united states. sdpl >> larry: we're going to be talking with two adoptive parents in just a moment. where are the children now, ed? >> they're in two of the greatest hospitals in the country, getting treated. some fevers, some infections, a tremendous number of dehigh drag drags, but the kids are going to be fine. the kids who were adopted, their parents have been notified, and the other seven or eight will be put up for adoption. >> governor, this may be the very best thing you've done. >> it was the most fun. i didn't have a seat on the c-17 because we didn't have enough seats. i was sitting on some boxes. i looked down, and you know the c-17s are huge. you can fit four or five tanks in them. when i saw these little kids strapped in against the wall of the c-17, never been on a plane before, larry, they were laughing, they weren't scared by the loud noises. these are great kids. i tell you, it was a great feeling for all of us involved. i haven't slept since sunday, and let me tell you, i'm pumped. i'm pumped. >> l
hope. haitian adoptees find their way to loving parents and new homes in the united states. stories of survival. an american pulled from the rubble days after the quake. how did he survive? plus musical superstars mary j. blige and andrea bocelli and a big announcement on what they're doing to help haiti's victims. it's all next on "larry king live." >>> thanks for joining us. it's been more than two weeks since the devastating earthquake in haiti. as some victims begin to slowly rebuild their lives from scratch, others are still not getting basics, food, water, a roof over their heads, medical assistance for the almost 200,000 injured. still hard to come by. joining us from port-au-prince, dr. sanjay gupta, cnn chief medical koern and a practicing neurosurgeon. what's the latest on the medical situation? in the early days you painted a desperate scene. what's it like now? >> i think in many ways it has gotten better. it's all relative, as you know, larry. a couple of things have improved. we have more personnel, surgeons, actually, on the ground, being able to take care of patients
smaller than the whole united states. this is a big area and there are al qaeda cells springing up in new places. so what do you do about that? >>larry: hoping to do what? >> hoping to, you know, somehow eliminate them, degrade them and defeat them. you know, a giant task. i'm glad it's not mine. >>larry: do you fear them going to do other things in the united states? forget planes, how about shopping centers? ball games? >> exactly. we've talked about this, that you become generals fighting the last war. we're all worried about airline security. you go through an intense scrutiny getting on an airplane, but go on a train or go to a power plant or go to a mall where there are many more people than are on one of these aircraft, and something could happen. now, you can't get on a train in yemen and make it to the united states, so that's a problem for al qaeda, but this is the great question. you can ask the expert. there have been al qaeda cells or al qaeda affiliated individuals in this country operating. >>larry: and watching us tonight now, maybe? >> you know, who knows. that's the prob
news. >>> i'm colleen mcedwards. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "world report," and we begin with the aftermath of an earthquake, a powerful magnitude 7.0 quake has hit large parts of the haitian capital. fears that hundreds of people are dead in that rubble, and here's that picture of the cloud over the skyline. that is dust and an idea of just how bad this damage is. witnesses say they heard screams, saw panic, saw chaos. and there's a grim list of destruction, too. the national palace heavily damaged. there's a shot of it there. a hospital reportedly collapsed. the u.n. peacekeeper compound devastated, and many peacekeepers are unaccounted for. at least two u.s. mission naear are reported trapped in the rubble. there's the palace before and after nicely shown there. the popular hotel montana, even the ministry of commerce may be severely damaged as well. now, in the dead of night in haiti, an eerie silence. witnesses report no vehicles moving, few lights on, but there is some hope. an aid work ner in a town 50 kilometers from the capit
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edition, dr. rajiv shah, the administrator of the united states agency for international development. that's usaid. he's at the state department. he's met frequently, in fact, today with the president of the united states. dr. shah, what's the status, the current status of our efforts in haiti? >> well, larry, thanks for having me. i think first it's worth just saying, you know, our hearts and our prayers are with the people of haiti. this has been a tremendous tragedy and of course you and the network have been covering it very closely. this is really a tragedy of tremendous proportions. clearly the worst earthquake to hit there in 200 years. and it has created a vast amount of devastation and loss of human life in port-au-prince and throughout haiti. so we are working aggressively to try and address the needs and try to save lives while we still can in this early response period. i'm happy to describe a number of things we're doing but this is really a tremendous catastrophe. >> larry: our role, would you put it on a scale of 10 at 10? >> well, you know, the president has been very clear
attacks on the united states. and i really believe the president and the attorney general should rethink the commitment to the justice system. we came from outside the country. what he was planning was an attack on america. this is a war-like attack. he should not be treated like a domestic criminal. >> larry: can you later try him criminally? >> you can do what you want. the reality was, she should have been treated as an enemy combat ton. they have authorize the military tribunals. if you are going to have somebody in a military try bulal. somebody that comes to the united states with a bomb to blow up an airplane in one of our cities, should be treated like a wartime criminal. that may be an academic dispute for people. if you treat him as a criminal justice defendant, you cannot question him. and he sounds like someone you can crack easily. it soundsed like he wanted to talk and we cut it off. >> larry: what do you think of the president's strong statement yesterday of security measures and tightening them up? >> the president needs to make a major correction in the wait he is dealin
.n. and the u.n. and the united states government together are the major coordinators for this kind of humanitarian disaster around the world. both of them, they have the capability and the u.n. operates on voluntary contributions and so we're very involved in that. the website is unfoundation.org for people who want to contribute. this is the best kind of coordination the u.n. and the u.s. work very closely together, as i think your earlier discussions with president clinton suggests. it's pulling people together, it's the communications, it's the health, all the things you've heard about. it has to be operated centrally and it has to be funded. >> larry: ted, have you been to haiti? >> i have not. i've been to jamaica. the bahamas. >> larry: senator, have you been there? >> i've been there a number of times. i've been there many times over the last 30 years. the size of this tragedy is just enormous. these people are so resilient. they put up with just about everything. you think the plague and locusts are going to happen next. this is a culture that's very deep, very strong, just
state. over the last several years, it was beginning to make progress in association with the united states which really had been looking at haiti for the last year, more businesses were coming here, there was more investment. one of the main industries, which is the gaman industry, was really beginning to thrive. it was on the verge of thriving. there are special u.s. congressional legislation which allowed tariff-free, duty-free import of clothes into the united states. there is a big boon for employment here and the economy here. that now has to get back on its feet again. the government, its buildings were collapsed. many, many members of the government were killed. it's barely reconstituted itself in a former police headquarters near the airport. the government is not showing to the people that it's in charge, that it's not getting out there and delivering its message. i spoke to a former prime minister that said on the day of the earthquake or afterwards, i would have asked the united states or the international donors to give me six huge tents, put them outside the damaged or
and probably a lot of democrats at the same time that he would be a better united states senator. it was an uphill struggle. it was only a few weeks ago, larry, that everybody assumed that ted kennedy's seat would be -- remain in democratic hands, martha coakley was a pretty popular attorney general. she had a good brand name. no doubt about that. things did not go in her way, and within the past two or three weeks it began to collapse pretty quickly. all of a sudden he wins rather decisively. he got 52% and she got 47% of the vote. that's an impressive he victory, especially for a republican in the state of massachusetts. >> larry: john, a lot of times in sports as we know we don't know approximate if the winning team won or the losing team lost. did brown win this, or did coakley lose it it? >> reporter: that's a great way to put it, larry . if you talk to everybody here, they say a little bit of both. you can see the celebration here. the band is back on after midnight. koakled did not run a great campaign. people are just as mad if not more mad about the economy, just as worr
who made these statements be the leader of the united states senate. >> tara, trent lott's statements -- trent lott's -- tara, tara. >> in the same situation. if we have this wonderful moment talking about race -- >> trent lott's statements -- >> we are going to stop here because we're out of time. when we come back on this, tara, there's so many people that want to rebut your rebuttal, we're just go to hold on to the other side. we have opinions and analysis on both sides. we want to hear your opinions as well. go to cnn d.com/larryking. ahead, why did sarah palin call senator biden joe during their debate? it's not what you think. stay with us. that's ahead. okay, class, our special guest is here -- ellen page. hi, ellen! hi, ellen! hi, ellen! hi, ellen! we're going on a field trip to china! wow. [ chuckles ] when i was a kid, we -- we would just go to the -- the farm. [ cow moos ] [ laughter ] no, seriously, where are you guys going? ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao!
the partnership between the united states and haiti and promoting peace. we extend our condolences to her family. let's check in with the yoman like anderson cooper on duty in port-au-prince. you tweeted today, anderson, the camera lens is too small to capture what's really going on. can you elaborate? >> reporter: it is, larry. let me just tell you what the noise is behind me. there's a group of about 100 men chanting and sort of running through the streets. it's the kind of thing you see a lot here in the last 24 hours. people kind of trying to rally their own spirits singing songs, singing psalms, praying out loud in large parts in the park. it's a parade-like atmosphere. it's in stark contrast to what we have seen all throughout the day. when i said, you know, this isn't a story. this isn't some story you go to and kind of package. this is something happening around the clock. this is an event, historic event that is occurring in realtime 24 hours a day. just around the clock. it's a complete -- it's an extraordinary experience just to be here. i think the camera lens is too small to capture
is in a place like haiti, the buildings, they're not sound like they are here in the united states, for example, obviously. a lot of buildings are made of concrete, foundations not good. there are a lot of shanty towns there. so an earthquake, particularly one of 7.0, a serious earthquake, strikes so close to the city, 12 miles. it's going to do damage. i tell you, what's happened since we last spoke? danielle delintz is here. she's patient. we brought you in. you've been listening in on some of the feeds that have been coming. what sorts of things have you been hearing? >> lots of destruction, churches have collapsed. there is a local marketplace that has collapsed, and they've reported a lot of casualties. there is a suburb called petionville where a lot of houses, luxury homes, have collapsed. and they're reporting a lot of deaths. >> a lot of deaths, yeah. that's the sort of thing we've been hearing. danielle has been listening in to the local language feeds that have been coming in here, actually, via the internet. the internet playing an important role getting information to you, larry. w
: tonight, barack obama's first state of the union address. >> the president of the united states. >> larry: his big message, jobs and the economy. >> i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. >> larry: and an in-your-face challenge to republicans on health care. >> if anyone from either party has a better approach that will bring down premiums, bring down the deficit, cover the uninsured, strengthen medicare for seniors, let me know. >> larry: talking tough on terrorism. >> hundreds of al qaeda's fighters and affiliates have been captured or killed. >> larry: what did the president need to say and did he say it? is it going to make any difference? that's all next on a special edition. of "larry king live". well, the state of the union address is over. and the analysis is now continue as they do with us. if you missed any part of the speech, it will be repeated in one hour. wolf blitzer, john king and candy crowley in this segment, then senator john mccain, then a panel of pundits, as they say. wolf, you've seen a lot of these. how do you score this one? >> if you like a lot of wonkish detai
. the president of the united states can't be saying to the world, we're going to give him a fair trial but he's going to get convicted. if we're doing this for public relations and creating these burdens on ourselves, i don't see why we want to do that. this man organized an attack from outside the united states on the united states. it was an attack very much like pearl harbor, and nobody would have ever thought of prosecuting the people who attacked pearl harbor in a civilian court. president lincoln didn't do that, president roosevelt didn't do that, president bush didn't do that. i don't know why president obama wants to do that. >> larry: back in 60 seconds. ♪ well, look who's here. it's ellen. hey, mayor white. how you doing? great. come on in. would you like to see our new police department? yeah, all right. this way. and here it is. completely networked. so, anything happening, suz? she's all good. oh, my gosh. is that my car? [ whirring ] [ female announcer ] the new community. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. cisco. >> larry: back with rudy giuliani. the president
against the united states of america. we had al qaeda moving an operative on an american plane, putting him in a specific seat to do this crime. the president took days to respond. they treat this fellow, reading him his miranda rights instead of getting an interrogation where we can get serious information. they didn't notify the other pilots. larry, did they do anything right is what i want to ask? this is a commander in chief who looks to me like he's not certain what to do when something goes wrong. he has to study it a couple weeks. we need better. >> larry: mark, how do you deal with the delicate balance between the constitution and rights of any individual, to presumption of innocence, the right to a lawyer and an imminent threat to the country? >> well, i don't think it's that delicate of a balance. we need to keep both things in full view. the reality is we can never compromise our values or beliefs in the service of fighting the war on terror. it's not an either/or proposition. it's a both/and proposition. we can uphold our ideals the same time we fight a war on terror. it's u
have someone who made these statements be the leader of the united states. >> tara, trent lott's statements -- trent lott's -- tara, tara. >> in the same situation. if we have this wonderful moment talking about race -- >> trent lott's statements -- >> we are going to stop here because we're out of time. when co-come back, tara there's so many people that want to rebut your rebuttal, we'll hold on to the other side. we have opinions and analysis on both sides. we want to hear your opinions as well. let us know what you think. ahead, why did sarah palin call senator biden joe during their debate? it's not what you think. stay with us. that's ahead. national car rental knows i'm picky. so, at national, i go right past the counter... and you get to choose any car in the aisle. choose any car? you cannot be serious! okay. seriously, you choose. go national. go like a pro. okay. seriously, you choose. while i was building my friendships, my family, while i was building my life, my high cholesterol was contributing to plaque buildup in my arteries. that's why my doctor prescribed cre
king live." welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer sitting in for larry tonight. i want to alert you larry will be here on the air sunday with the latest news from haiti. larry has a big event planned for monday. mick jagger, seal, colin powell, ringo starr, will i am, ryan seacrest, taylor leoni are a few who will join to help him. first the news from haiti today. estimates of those dead are pegged at about 100,000 as of now. secretary of state clinton arrived in haiti this afternoon and the top two diplomats for the united nations stationed in haiti were officially declared dead today. carl penhall is on the scene. it has been quite a day. set the scene for us. tell our viewers what happened. >> reporter: well, certainly what i've been looking at today is the relief operation. you are right. the recovery operation is still going on. people are still looking for signs of life among the rubble but of course there are thousands upon thousands of people who have lost their homes, lost everything result of this earthquake. the effort is to get a
are flown to adoptive parents waiting for them in the united states. >> this is an orphanage called the house of god's children. but the house is empty. 135 children eat, sleep, wash and play outside. >> you silly goose. did you take my pen? i think one of the hardest things to be an eyewitness to is the orphans and to really understand the severe orphan issue in this country. when you saw 25 babies in the back of a truck laid out. when we looked through the door, i gasped. it was so shocking. it's so hard to be a mother of four children and see that and to see babies with diarrhea, babies who literally need to be picked up and taken to a hospital and they're not going because they can barely get them formula. that's been really, really hard. and yet at the same time, someone said to me, you know, the story of the boy in the starfish. a lot of starfish. is it worthless to try to help one at a time? and the answer is it's not. and if you can help in any way, then helping one person or five people or 100 people or 1,000 people is a good start. but to see that and not be able to help e
the flight from haiti. so it's been quite a process for these kids who now are in the united states. they were processed through immigration and customs. the whole thing has taken many, many hours start to finish, larry, but they are with their parents today and tremendous, tremendous joy. it was not the same story for some of the young infants and toddlers and young children at the orphanage, which we've been following the story, you remember of the babies that were in that truck and, of course, we traveled with them on a bus as they got ready to leave their orphanage and they could not get to the embassy. they were told by someone who was there not to come with the kids without their paperwork finished so they turned back. on that bus, though, sweltering hot. 90 degrees. kids were throwing up. it was quite scary because infants are very small and pretty fragile. so a wonderful story for these parents, 22 children were on this flight and not such great news for the 135 kids who are trying to leave the orphanage, but they say they will continue to try to get their kids to their adop
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is a -- was obviously one of the most poor countries in the western hemisphere. it's very closed to the united states really. it's had a long relationship with lots of countries i've been involved with, united states, france, and it's like a desperately poor place. when these terrible disasters happen in a very poor place, it's magnified over and over and over and over what it would be in a country that was more accea acce accessible with more infrastructure left. this is a huge, massive disaster for one of the poorest, poorest countries. it's so poor, it's very hard to describe how poor it is compared to all the other countries in our hemisphere. >> larry: we're raising a lot of money for haiti tonight, and that's the number one thing they need. what have been your feelings as you've watch this had disaster? >> well, you know, an earthquake is -- it's like an incredibly, physically damaging but it's very psychologically damaging, because all the laws that govern your life, the ground beneath your feet, everything happening to you is destroyed in those moments. you know, your whole psyche is upset, a
of people looking for you back in the united states. yufr son. >> how are you? >> i'm all right. >> yes? >> i'm all right. >> this is how we found you. this is picture. this is you. >> reporter: word got out that we were looking for him and the minute he found us, he threw his arms around me and he said, thank you for finding me. i got my producer and we got this man on the phone with his son and it was just -- for us it was a beautiful moment and i think it was obviously a very happy moment for them. >> okay. i'm fine. everything will be okay, okay? >> what was it like to finally hear your son's voice? what was that like for you? >> nice? >> very nice. very nice. and a grateful and relieved son. >> i speak to him now again and it's hard to explain the emotions. i was extremely happy. >> and out of all of this mistery and destruction, to be able to do that for this one family, i think for me was my most memorable moment. >> in some cases, piles of bodies, passing the bodies by, looking sad for lauren and watching small children with parents smiling as they cross the bodies and trying to
. again f the flight gets off the grown, it looks like the babies that are adopted in the united states will be heading home, hopefully very soon. >> larry: i understand the plane was donated by -- do you know who donated the plane that is going to take you back? >> jill might know that. >>ky talk to that. >> larry: who donated the plane? >> there is a couple really key happens today that is happening real time. that is one of them. we had a sponsorship for the charter flight and this actually this entire -- what we are calling a reunification mission on behalf of god's littlest angels and that was messengerinternational.org it is a nonprofit organization based out of colorado springs. it was an incredible, incredible day to have that sponsorship. >> larry: and now when do you expect joe to come in with your new little son? >> well, you know, larry, we are hoping that this is going to happen in the next couple of days. there are so many balls up in the air and things change every ten minutes, we have some new information. i think the biggest thing today that we have been working on is t
. >> the united states government and the governments throughout the world, the united nations, international relief organizations are all doing their best to stabilize the situation to bring order to haiti and then start to flood in the necessary supplies needed to sustain life. but, you know, the challenge is going to be great and it's going to be long enduring. once the folks who have lost their lives have been dealt with in as dignified a manner as possible and once we have taken care of those who are injured, then the work begins. then we need reconstruction. then we need to take care of the living, and in taking care of living is not a matter of giving them food and water for a short period of time, but helping them rebuild their homes and schools and churches and government. so i'm asking everyone who is watching tonight to find a way to give and then give some more and to give over the long term for the people of haiti. there are many organizations you can give to. all you have to do is look online or look up the organizes that will be mentioned in the course of this show. but give. t
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